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Saturday, 27 August 2011


100th entry, 30th post in August, in week 30 of my pregnancy. Let's do it with style.

30 weeks bump

And the big baby-list; Here's what we already have, and what we still need to purchase in the following weeks.

Owned for the baby:
- Lots of baby grows
- Lots of rompers
- Bibs
- A mitten
- Couple of trousers and a skirt (3 months+)
- Couple of hoodies (3 months +)
- Baby blanket
- Lots of teddies
- A Moses basket
- Pram with a travel Moses basket (Turns to pushchair.)
- Baby carrier
- Bottles
- Steriliser
- Reusable nappy pack (Ordered.)
- Disposable nappies
- Cotton wool
- Baby powder
- Bum cream
- Rattan drawers (Baby's first ever clothing space.)
Owned for me; For labour and beyond:
- Birthing ball
- Nursing bras (Ordered.)
- Packs of sanitary pads

To buy for the lady:
- Bath
- Towels
- Changing mat
- Baby wipes
- Hats
- Socks/Baby boots
- More bibs
- More mittens
- More baby blankets
- Cot/Cot Bed + Furniture (Later on, when 3 months+)
To buy for me:
- Breast pads
- Dressing gown

Couple of more UglyDolls from Chris, Lee's other aunt

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