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Tuesday, 30 August 2011


My midwife finally started to work with me! What a relief!
I had to pop in to pick up another MAT B1 form, it's particularly for applying for benefits, and since I've already done that in an official letter they kept my form which wouldn't even be a big deal, if I didn't have the council fucking up my application for housing. But they did, and they can't find my file now, so I most probably have to apply again, and I needed this form cause it's the official way to prove my pregnancy. Not sure whether or not Tracey supposed to give out more than one (Possibly not.) but I'm lucky with her.
She asked me if I started to do my birth plan cause I'm able to do it myself, write my ideas down and go through them with her... So I told her that I technically ain't got a clue where I stand, and what could and couldn't I go for.
Explained to her that my thyroid specialist doctor told me she doesn't think I could go for the home birth option, cause even though I'm controlled with medications my heart still might start racing, and if that happens and if the baby has the same condition, her heart could start racing too and that can be fatal on her. (Way too many 'if's and 'maybe's but still.) The consultant obstetrician said after checking the baby's little heart, that she's not concerned about that, but that I might be diabetic. (I'm going for that test tomorrow morning, if I end up being glucose intolerant that's my straight ticket to the hospital ward in labour. I'm not worried about this too much though.) Also, the home birth midwives said thyroid problems doesn't officially count as high risk, so after double checking with others I could sign up for home birth.
Then she, Tracey, my own midwife said, she doesn't know much about thyroid problems and what tests would they need to do on the baby once it's born, and even though I'm treated on the high risk clinic at the moment it doesn't actually mean I'm in danger, I'm just let's say 'not normal' so she doesn't want to say I should not try and go for home birth.
So as I said above, she started to work with me at last. She made notes in her diary to call the home birth specialized midwife unit, and ask them if they delivered a baby with a mum-to-be having thyroid problems, and how safe or problematic it was. Then (If my glucose test comes back negative.) she'll try and arrange her to be able to come to the hospital with me, for my next appointment with the doctor and the consultant, so she actually will be able to find out what the fuck is going on, and why aren't they able to give me a straight forward answer.
Do hope she can manage to come, that'd be the easiest way since they speak each other's language.
I have my and the baby's hospital bag ready by the way, well, almost ready. Things like slippers, pillows and toothbrush are missing, but they are those last minutes stuffs anyway.
Also, the Bambino Mio nappies have arrived today, they are proper cute and looks like they are easy to use too. Was definitely a good buy.
So things are looking up, hopefully everything falls in to place soon. Bloody well hope the flat situation too.

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