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Sunday, 7 August 2011


Since my last post I can't feel nothing else, but the lady kicking, twisting and turning haha! Not like I'm complaining, in fact I'm bare happy about it.
And another happy note: I might be able to do the home birth thing!
We went to our first antenatal class today and have to admit it was fun! The first session was about normal/natural, complication free birth giving. I got to understood a lot of things so I feel absolutely relieved. No more worries and scared of being lost.
The midwife who held the meeting, an African woman was one of the funniest thing, even though it was sometimes hard to understand what she was saying, and she repeated herself quite a lot, she cheered everyone up with her stories and -if that's an appropriate way to say- acting.
For example there was this tiny baby doll she used, to show things on then, when she was done just dropped it face first to the table... In front of around 20 preggers women and their partners. We all were cracking up, like what the hell?! Then when one of the mum-to-bes asked her about a twin related question she was like -'Wow, twins, good good, buy one get one free, eh?!' and, the most memorable for all of us; The birth partner's support. She explained how important it is, that the partner no matter what, shall smile and be there for the grumpy moany woman in labour, and yes, they can help a lot with kissing their woman, massage their back, make a tea and a toast for the midwife, as if the midwife is happy, everyone is happy. Legendary!
She was one of the 6 midwives who do home births rather than working in a hospital, so was very supportive with everyone who was unsure where to have their baby, I even chance to say she's one of those people who are kind of against hospital births. Result! She said even though my condition is high risk, my pregnancy doesn't particularly considered high risk, so I shall call Maternity Helpline and my current midwife who has access for all my details, and ask around whether or not is safe to give birth at home, and if they say yes, I can call her to arrange the rest.
I'm having a scan, a hospital check-up and an appointment with my midwife in the next 3-4 weeks, so I'll have the opportunity to ask all of their opinion.
After all, I'm fine with or without my medication and since my girl already has her own thyroid it doesn't really make a difference on her condition either, therefor if she is fine too it all depends on how nice the doctors are, really. In my opinion, anyway. Fingers bloody crossed! I understand there will be further tests to be done both on me and on the baby after the birth, but I assume it can be done a day or two after the delivery, with visiting the hospital?!
Didn't really mention, why do I want to go for this option... Obviously I have issues with my hospital and it's doctors (Post 55.) as well as I know I'd be able to give birth easier in a comfortable and well known atmosphere, rather than in a cold delivery suit, with people walking in and out of the room.
Lee is much more understanding about the whole thing as well since he was there with me the whole time, and I'm sure, hearing all the benefits of home birth from not just me, but from an experienced midwife too, made him more confident about it.
So let's hope the best!

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