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Tuesday, 16 August 2011


I went on the mad thinking spree again, now about vegetarianism.
I've never tried to be one, but I don't judge these guys. Since I'm into this psy-trance-hippie industry I have quite a few friends who don't eat meat, let alone even a vegan mate. All my respect really, I wouldn't be able to do it, too much of a self control (Which I don't think I have.) and yes, I love meat.
No beef or pork please unless they are well spiced, but chicken, turkey and alright, those bacon strips! For example a sandwich has to include salami on it, just as a pizza has to have ham or pepperoni on it, but pasta can come plain just with cheese and sour cream. And since I don't eat many sarnies or pizzas I can count on one hand how many times I eat meat weekly; I still wouldn't want to use the term vegetarian on myself, or force myself to give something up I like.
I understand and agree with this 'love nature and love the animals' thing, but I'm selfish if it comes to food. (If that's what you want to hear or want me to consider myself as.)
Uh oh, and there are these fake vegetarian people whom consider themselves meat free... Apart from fish. I mean, hello?!  Do fishes not have meaty tissues on them?
Or I had this mate who I liked to get mashed with, and was one of those 'I'm a hippie. I'm a vegetarian. I only dig organic stuffs' person... Only on the outside though, a massive faker who every time I got pissed with, and went to the off license for more alcoholic beverage had the munchies on for those salami sticks or kebab.
Yes, I do have problems with these, but that's another story. I can not stand fake people.
So back to the point; I don't really agree with people who raise their kid as a vegetarian. It's like not giving an option for the little one. Obviously my thinking would be different if I was one I suppose, but it just doesn't seem right.
And the in-your-face, show off vegetarians... I do pity those too. Everyone has an opinion, I don't hate or pity them because they don't eat meat, I pity them cause they are the one judging me and what I eat.
It's pathetic. For example I'm on this forum and I temped to mention what I'm writing about now, and this mum jumped at me straight away. Like what the fuck?! Can I not have an honest opinion?! I didn't say I hate her, but I do hate this mentality. Pathetic.
For example if I was a vegetarian and my partner wasn't, I'd make sure my partner prepared to our girl some meaty food every now and then, would explain to her what's what when she is old enough and let her choose whatever she wants to do. Although, if I was a vegetarian I probably wouldn't be going out with a meat eater.
In the case where both parents are vegetarians, can imagine it could be an issue. Especially if they were one of those people, like a friend of mine, who's simply disgusted by any kind of meat. I was working with her in this pub where she was the chef, and had to prepare every kind of food and it was very difficult for her.
Even if it was against me and partner's likes, I still would introduce the little one to meat, after all it doesn't do you bad, does it?! Like as Lee pointed it out this morning; She could have those 3 months+ baby foods, them 'all-in-one' apple-pumpkin-chicken ones so we wouldn't even have to touch the meat, then later on eat school lunches with meat in them, even though we would cook vegetarian foods at home. Least it'd motivate her to learn to cook for herself after a while, if she decided not to be a vegetarian.
It's all just speculation anyway, but (Without being judgmental here.) I rather think of myself as someone who gave a choice to her baby.
On the same note; Watch Epic Meal Time. So wrong, but so good.

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