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Tuesday, 9 August 2011


This post is going to be a little different. It's about our cat.
She was born a day before my birthday in January and we got her when she was around 6 weeks old. She was litter trained so it wasn't our merit but the person's who's cat gave birth to her.
Ever since we have her I'm the dominant on raising her and Lee is the one responsible for the play time. I started to train her from the very beginning so every time she done something wrong (Licking empty ish plates and chewing the wires.) she heard me -'Oi!' at her and felt a little slap on her nose. So far so good, she learned what and what not to do, of course it doesn't mean she isn't anymore cheeky and not sneaking near to greasy plates. In fact, sometimes a loud -'Oi!' doesn't even do the job, she just looks at me, wonders whether or not she's busted so I have to make a quick move, pretending I'm getting up of the sofa then she clicks and runs off.
Also, she's a scaredy cat, doesn't really like other people and hates strokes and cuddles even from us. She just runs up and down like a lunatic, bites us for fun (I reckon this is the way of her showing she wants to play.) and so on. It didn't even change after getting her spaded, but hey, we're getting used to it.
We used to let her in the bedroom but was way too noisy and she didn't let us sleep, so we started to lock her out and what I've noticed was, that each morning after waking up she was all over me, sitting on my lap purring for cuddles. Result! We are letting her in the bedroom every now and again when we see her being sleepy, then so she jumps on the bed, curls up by our feet and sleeps with us. As soon as we touch or stroke her she jumps off though and walks out. Of course sometimes we make mistakes too with thinking she's all calm, then when we lies down she starts jumping on us or playing with the duvet so we have to get up and lock her out again.
Now here is the interesting thing; All she knows if she's in that room with us she either has to chill or gets locked out. So the other night I left the door open, tucked myself in to bed, she came up, lied on the bed then after a few minutes, jumped off, went downstairs then a little later all I heard on the wooden stairs was her little paws and some other, weird noise like she was carrying something.
There she was, bringing her little toy mouse up to play with. How clever! We obviously lock her out cause of the noise she makes, but she clearly doesn't know this, does she?! So just used her little brain to figure out, if she wanted to be around us she better find something to play with other than our duvet or attacking our feet.
Only making this entry cause my raising skills amazed me much haha! I know she's just a cat and can't even be compared to a little baby, but I'm well chuffed.
Even though she's more like a dog, she only comes when she wants strokes, she likes to be around us but not with us, she waggles her tail when she's happy, she chases her tail and shadow and sleeps by our feet, I'm happy with her and with myself too. Hah!

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