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Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Had my usual thyroid check-up today and luckily the ward was empty, so I got over with everything just over an hour!
Still have to keep my dose, but I improved a lot in the past months, so everyone was happy with me. The doctor said she still wants me to keep going back, just to be safe... Asked her why do I not feel as hungry as before, she said it's definitely the medication and is a sign of improvement as well. Yay!
She was the one last week, who told me I'm not likely to be able to have a home birth, but I shall still ask the obstetrician, since it's their department.
So I did, right after she checked the bubba's heart rate and movements on a mini scan. I felt her moving around previously while waiting, but she must've known it's no photo time, cause she showed her little back at us, for the first time, snoozing away peacefully.
Anyways, the obstetrician said everything looks perfect, she was well chuffed about the baby's growth and said she doesn't see why wouldn't I be able to have her at home. She said she was more concerned about my blood sugar (Here we go again.) so I have to have a proper test, involving two blood tests in two hours, and two bottles of Lucozade, next Wednesday. She said if everything was right and no complications will be detected in the next couple of months, we can talk about the home birth again.
Not too sure about it anymore though, better be safe I reckon.
It's weird how I was unable to see and imagine the actual birth giving until now. Being hopeful about the home birth made me fantasy about it a lot, and by the looks of it, it started me off, and now I'm able to imagine myself giving birth in the hospital too. Not -too- scared of it and the hospital midwives anymore, and I rather double suffer it, knowing my baby is safe.

Until now, I had these crazy emotional black-outs too, but they seem to be gone now.
Talking about forgetting for a second that I'm actually pregnant, while doing some housework or watching a film, and the lady giving me a massive kick, like she was sensing it and wanted to remind me that she's still here.
Other thing was happening quite often with both of us, is actually realising that we're having a baby. The responsibility of becoming parents just hit us every now and then. We obviously do know it's happening, it just feels unreal, and from time to time we were getting a cheeky slap on the face from life, like -'Wake up, it really is going down guys, ain't no jokes!'.
I reckon the above only been happening since this is going to be our first baby, and it's very much new, we don't yet know how to handle the situation, apart from being utterly happy and excited. The next one will be easier in every kind of way. Hah!
For now both of these side effects are gone, I'm aware every split second that I have this little life in my tummy (Probably cause she's keep moving around like a lunatic lately.) and we do indeed know she'll be among us very very soon.
I just can't wait to meet her now!

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