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Tuesday, 16 August 2011


O.K., I don't quite understand how does this weight gain work during pregnancy.
I put on just over 6 kg ~ 13.2 lbs in the first, let's say 4 months. I weight myself a couple of days ago, since I started to look bigger (Post 77.), proper bump, bigger thighs and bum... And according to the scale I didn't put on anything, in the past over 2 months!
I know I'm not done yet, and there's still another 12 weeks to go, but even if I considered myself overweight (Which I don't think I was.) the normal weight gain in 9 months is between 7-11 kg ~ 15.4-24.2 lbs. So I still need to put on at least a couple of more pounds to reach the under line limit of overweight people's. Weird much?! (Normal weight gain is between 15-20 kg ~ 33-44 lbs.)
Mum said it could be cause I've never been a skinny type, so I didn't have to put on that extra weight what makes tiny women stronger and able to physically carry the baby, so I should be happy, after all I mainly put on the baby's and the water's weight yet.
She was one of those tiny women who put on 20 kg ~ 44 lbs with me, but said it was mainly the water in her, not just my fluid I was skinny dipping in, but water everywhere in her system. My family has an aptitude for that (Bless my cousin, she was massive after having her son!), so I shouldn't be too surprised if that happened to me too.
Basically what it is; Since you drink lots of liquid, the water stays in your system, technically on/under your fat (Like when you cook something greasy and the cold water doesn't help, the oil just floats on top of it.) and is a bitch to get rid off.
Anyways, what matters is, my baby to be a healthy size, and that how much weight I lose after giving birth, right?! Think there's going to be a serious session of nettle tea course over the winter, hah!
But not to forget about the simplest explanations; My medication might be keeping my weight down, just as there is a high chance of the scale not working properly.
Also as I found out today, my boobs are possibly going to get even bigger (!) when my milk kicks in, and I start to breast feed. Man, seriously...
I went in to Mothercare to look for maternity bras. The biggest cup I've seen was G. I'm a cup H already, I think. I soon to be able to play helicopter when I twist and twirl.
At least the stretch marks ain't too bad yet. Better start bang on my Vitamin E though, I have way too many on stock and never used it, here's the perfect time I say.

And a photo from today. Definitely big and bumpy.
She is my long time not seen friend K√°tya, from Hungary, who lives in Sweden now. I absolutely forgot that she used to work in Heathrow, so could ask her a few questions about flying with an infant. (Post 40.)
She said mums are able to bring made up baby bottles to flights (Regardless whether or not it's a 100 ml or 260 ml one.), the security just make you taste it, before boarding. So that's a good thing, but seriously, if I was a terrorist I would rather hide the bomb in my stomach than in the baby bottle, nah?! Duh!

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