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Sunday, 7 August 2011


Yesterday we popped in to Lee's parents to see the family, and we ended up coming home with two bags of teddies. This what happens when Lee's dad cleaning the shed. We done a bit of selecting and I chucked them all in the washing machine so they are in a nicer, cuddly state now.
Even though a couple of them reminds me of my own teddies from the past, I have to tell I don't feel as cool and special as before, when we only had the monsters.
But I suppose it's better this way, you gotta give a choice to the little lady, for example if we only dressed her in black from the very beginning, she might end up growing to fancy the opposite, like nasty, a gold tracksuit and what not.
So have to be careful as well, cause you wouldn't want your kid to be bullied for being an outsider and not having one single 'standard' teddy. You want her to be an outsider, cause she is the coolest bird in the nursery! Done.
And that so will happen, no doubt.

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