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Wednesday, 17 August 2011


We went for our third scan today, a growth aka well being scan.
As it happens, we got the same nurse who checked me out the first time, Mrs. Eyebrows. I don't like her. She wasn't as bad as the first time though but still, her face annoys me.
I asked if she could check my baby's gender again, just to make sure, she said it's a growth scan so she's not going to look or dig for it, unless it pops right out and she sees it anyway. Pfh, fair enough... Like it would take so much of her precious time and energy.
Her little legs were together, so we didn't get the chance to have a little peek in between, at the end. After that, I didn't even ask her about whether or not she's fine with us flashing a light to the wall of my stomach to see if she moves her head away (To check her optical nerves.) cause I couldn't be bothered, I knew she would just piss me off with her up-stage behaviour.
The lady looks so different! Her face changed so much in the past few weeks, it's unbelievable. Scan photos obviously can't give a perfect picture of how she will look when she's here, but I was right when I said she'll look like her daddy.
She's got Lee's receding chin, and his sexy long nose luckily! (I hate my potato nose.) She's still got a massive upper lip, looks like she didn't stop pouting in the past 2 months and it stayed like that haha!
As soon as the attention was on her she gave us a big yawn, looked like she wanted to show how bored she is in there.

Her measurements are fine, absolutely average, so there's nothing to worry about. Her weight is 1193 g ~ 2.6 lbs which is the third of what babies born with. This worried me a little, after all I'm in the third trimester already, but I found a fetus growth chart and calculator which says it's normal. I reckon she was mainly developing and strengthen her system until now, and only now is going to start to concentrate on putting on those cute baby chubs.
I weight myself too while I was there, and turns out I put on 9 kg ~ 19.8 lbs not 6 kg ~ 13.2 lbs. Sounds more accurate.
I wonder how much the fluid weights what she's in though... Doubt it's 7.8 kg ~ 17.2 lbs. Imagine that in cider! 17 pints of cider! Uh oh the alcohol issue. Let's not imagine more of that, otherwise I start to dribble, hah!

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