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Saturday, 27 August 2011


Another boobie post ahead.
I went today's antenatal class on my own. It was the last one and was mainly about breast feeding, which Lee can't really help me with anyway.
Not to mention neither of us has been sleeping well in the past couple of nights for some reason. I managed to sleep 5-6 hours all together last night, but Lee woke up after 2 hours of broken sleep and is still awake, so it was for the best that he didn't come.
Damn, this breastfeeding thing looks harder than I first imagined! Don't want to go into it, but it will be hell of a work at the beginning, that's for sure.
What I didn't know apart from the obvious benefits (Healthier baby, lower risk of getting breast cancer, quicker to get back in shape.) that babies who fed on boobies are growing to talk clearer cause of the early use of their muscles around their mouth, and also has a higher IQ than bottle fed bubbas. Weird?! Makes sense though, after all this is nature's way I reckon, but to be honest I'm still not entirely sure whether I'll be able to whack my tit out in the park/café/store/anywhere in public when it's feeding time. I know it's possible to be done discretely, but might be just timing my trips in that couple of hour periods before and after each feeding...
We went through the delivery suit, the birthing center, looks O.K. and quiet, I'd be happy ish to give birth there; Only in the pool though. The other 'plain' rooms look nice too, but there is no specified bed for birth giving (You know those ones you see in the films/documentaries.) so I can't really imagine how would it be done. Squatting on the floor or over the bed maybe?!
There was another, third type of room for emergencies, where they have more machines (And that kind of 'professional' looking bed.) so they can easily monitor both you and the baby. I guess that's my room then... No pool in there obviously.
And of course there are theatres, and the noisy delivery ward, with tiny rooms and a strict visiting time for dads and family, but we didn't go and check those out. Hope I'll be far from them.

 One of my hospital's rooms in the birthing center

On another note; I ordered my nursery bras yesterday! Yay!
Went into Mothercare where you aren't allowed to try bras on, but I managed to get a fitting done, so I have my official bra size finally which is 42F at the moment, but the woman said it's just the start, I should go from F cup, but most probably will be needing a couple of size bigger later on. Not to mention she measured me with my old bra on (Ain't got a clue what size was I before.) which is way too small and pushing me down.
They didn't have bras in my size, went to a few other shops, they didn't either, so I ended up ordering a couple online.
Also, didn't even know that I'll be needing breast pads! Didn't even know what are they, been just checking out the list for the hospital bag, and it said that mothers most likely to need quite some. It's like a sanitary pad for your boobs basically, to prevent your bra from the milk if it leaks out. Eeek! Some women has it real bad, some doesn't at all. Hope I'll be in the latter category.
Been reading about the water breaking too, some women just feel the urge to go to the loo for a wee, some can actually hear a little bubble pop before the gush. Fun, fun!
So my ideal motherhood (As far as I see at the moment.) would be:
- No morning sickness (Done.)
- No bad mood swings (Done ish.)
- No bad stretch marks (Done for now.)
- No back and leg pain (Boo. No kankles so far though.)
- Bubble popping water breakage
- Short labour
- No horrendous contractions
- No complications
- Easy pop in water, both baby and placenta
- Quick discharge from hospital
- No milk leakage
- Happy, healthy and super calm baby
Well well... One can dream. So far so good though.

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