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Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Being way too pissed off right now!
Went to get my glucose tolerance test done this morning. It includes you not to eat or drink anything for 12 hours before the test (09pm-09am) which I find ridiculous, since I'm almost in my 8th month.
So you go in, they fuck about a little, take your blood, and make you drink a whole 500 ml bottle of Lucozade. It says on the leaflet that you have to bring 'two bottles of original Lucozade'. In my book it's not a fake cheap but the original one, two of them. We bought the wrong one, obviously, so I had to run up and down in the hospital to buy an unflavoured one, so it makes us now having 3 bottles of energy drink in our fridge... Nevermind, Lee will drink them, he does long shifts now anyway.
So first of all the nurse brought in the wrong folder with her, luckily I realised in time it looked too neat, not as raggedy-ass as mine, so I didn't end up having Sharon's results luckily.
Then the nurse looked at my file and asked what am I actually doing there. Like what?! She looked at all my blood tests in the system and told me I'm not even supposed to be there, since they are all normal, sugar level wise, apart from the first one. (Taken in May.) That's when I had a ham and cheese sarnie and a bottle of Sprite before the test cause no one told me they'll check my blood sugar too.
I told her to get over with it, I mean I was nil by mouth for 13 hours, woke up and got ready at 07am just to go to the hospital, so why not if I was there anyway.
She took the blood, made me down a whole bottle of shitty Original energy drink, and told me to go back in a couple of hours. In this period my system should work the sugar down, they take blood again and off we go. That's going to be the 15th hour without food or drink for me.
Baby was annoyed, and being unexpectedly (Yeah right.) hyper in the next half an hour. Wonder why...
I'm beyond angry. That's one thing that as many people as I see have their own different theories of the same case or situation. Fine. That's another thing that when I ask something, I hardly get a straight forward answer.
But that they pretty much don't give a shit about me, and that I'm slowly becoming a walking pin cushion cause they are sending me for different tests I'm not even supposed to have, only cause they are too busy (?) to look in to my folder... That's beyond belief!
These people seem to be doing everything they can, just to make you believe you are seriously ill, even though you are healthy. Fucking ridiculous.

 How can anyone be surprised then, when I say I do not want to go and give birth in the hospital?! I know if I went in, they wouldn't let me have her in water cause they'd monitor my heart 'just in case' (Machine + water = no no.), therefor the whole procedure would be highly uncomfortable, and knowing myself, the stress this would cause could be the thing leading to complications... Which would lead to even more unnecessary tests on me, and on the baby too. Bullshit, we are not guinea pigs. Because they are qualified doctors, they don't seem to understand that I know myself, and what is good for me. Their job is to help me, not to fuck about with me.
So as I said in my previous post I'm frequently seeing my midwife (Not a hospital one.) who's kind of alright, even though she hasn't really done much for me yet, she always have the time for me and seems to be getting her arse on gear now.
A thyroid specialist who's mostly the same person, a really nice woman, who actually takes the time and the effort and explains things to me if I ask.
And an obstetrician consultant who's a different person most of the times (I'm seeing him or her every 4 weeks after the thyroid doctor.) and is always done with me in 2 minutes, always in a rush and in a 'doesn't give a shit' mood. All of them. Last week's one was the worst, as I explained above. I found her stamp in my book, so I know her name now, and I'm seriously thinking about reporting her, for ignoring my questions, not checking my files, therefor sending me to tests I don't even need to get done.
As of it's Wednesday, the antenatal clinic is open, but not sure whether or not she's going to be the one in. I really should act now, cause I know I won't give a damn about it in another 3 weeks time when I have the appointment, and there are high chances there's going to be someone else I'll be seeing, as they are keep changing for some reason.
Anyways, I don't know what to do, I'm fed up with people who supposed to be responsible for me and look after both me and the baby, and all what they do is fuck about and making me stress out, which is clearly the opposite as their job description.
I started to be really scared. I obviously wouldn't want to risk my baby's life during labour, but if I ended up going to the hospital, they will consider me as high risk, and then the people I'll have to deal with are the above mentioned obstetricians... Whom clearly don't know what the fuck they are doing.
I've been texting with Tracey today, explaining how I feel, and she said she'll try her best to get something sorted, in fact already been trying to contact with the midwives on the home birth unit.
Relief! At least someone's on my side and does something good for me.

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