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Thursday, 4 August 2011


Last night I finally felt our daughter's kick from the outside too! I was waiting for it for ages, I'm a happy bunny now.
She had these kind of kicks for quite some time now, but every time I put my hand on my tummy she stopped moving around, so I thought I only felt them from the inside. Suppose I shouldn't have pushed the bump, only supposed to lie my palm on it, then so I might have been able to feel it earlier. Nevermind.
When I say 'these kind of kicks' I mean little tickling-twitching ones, 5 or 6 after each other on the same spot. Usually on my left side when I lay in bed and on the right daytime, when I'm sitting up.
Even just a few minutes ago I was resting my arm on the bump and not just felt but saw it jump. Luckily Lee is sitting next to me this time, so I made him put his hand to the point I suppose her legs are and that's we were, waiting. I felt a few pokes but Lee said he wasn't sure whether or not he felt the baby or just my insides moving. I was just about to tell him that my insides are actually behind and above the baby when she gave us another kick, and Lee felt it this time finally.
So with this, one of our missions is complete. Yay!

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