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Tuesday, 16 August 2011


We had our second antenatal class last Saturday. This was about complicated child birth aka what could go wrong.
We were talking about Caesareans first of all, planned and emergency ones, and anesthetics. For example I didn't know they rather put the woman asleep if she's about to have an emergency C section, since it's quicker than the local anesthetic injection. Makes sense though.
Then we went through of other options like forceps and it amazed me how many mums (And dad-to-bes.) were shocked of the thought of using a clamp over a major operation. I understand there are different situations for the uses of both, like if the baby was in breech (In a not head-first position.) during labour they can only do a C section, but if the baby is head first but kind of stucks for a long time, they use a forceps which helps to pull it's little head out, and from then on the labour can go on normally. How can anyone prefer a Caesarean over this, seriously?!
The midwife also explained the importance of umbilical cord, which is technically the little one's life line and as soon as it stops pulsing the baby is no longer supported by us. Therefor it's important for the bubba to come out first, otherwise it can be fatal, since the cord stops pulsing and pumping the life not long after it or any of it's part is out. She said there were examples when she had to push the cord back and keeping it there until the ambulance has arrived to the hospital with them. Kind of have a funny image in my head but how horrible and embarrassing it could be, both for the mum and for the midwife!
She said that's the reason of having a maximum limit of 42 weeks in pregnancy, cause that's when the umbilical cord slows down and stops pulsing, no matter that it's still inside- That's when it's job is done for sure, when the baby is 200% ready for life.
We were also talking about forms of inductions, sweep, creams, injections and breaking the water, which can be requested pretty much any time after the 40th week and usually works in a day or so. It made me think straight away that if I'm late I might would go for it (sweep and/or creams only.) so I could have her on the 11th, which isn't just a pretty number, but my originally calculated due date.
Lee said I shouldn't and I as well have high hopes for the lady to come that day by herself, anyway
I might be absolutely fed up and ultra moody by then, so it could be all of our interest. We will see.

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