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Tuesday, 23 August 2011


I'm utterly not up to date, have about 6 or more entries to post. It's not even that I don't have time it's more likely I can't be bothered doing anything.
I'm sleepy all the time, moody, and feeling uncomfortable no matter where do I sit or lay, and have no motivation whatsoever.
Today my friends Molek and T√ľnde came over, we went for a walk in Victoria Park, it was a nice couple of hours but it left me in pain. Started to feel my lower back first, and as soon as I sat down back home my knees started to ache too.
It was about 11 hours ago and I'm still suffering, bang on the hot water bottle on the waist, and wet clothes on my muscle-rubbed knees.
I reckon it's all starting to come out now, after all I didn't have ridiculous mood-swings, or any other 'problems' in the past 7 months of my pregnancy.
My system might be realising it's time for some symptoms, apart from the big boob and bump effects.

Uncle Mo

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