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Sunday, 7 August 2011


Today I've woken with both my claves in a cramp lock, damn it! I know it most probably has nothing to do with pregnancy (Even though I had cramp in my right claf yesterday morning too.) I'm just saying it, cause it hurts so much I almost fell down the stairs. And what would my blog be like without moaning anyways?! Daaa!
Official moan-news: Baby hates ham and mayo. I know it's her, cause if I didn't like them, I wouldn't eat them, but I do like them, I do eat them, and I do suffer the consequences. Obviously gave them a chance separately too, but no luck; Ham gives me the previously mentioned awful heartburn (Incredible how a water thin slice on a toast can make me suffer!) and mayo, well let's just say it feels like my bum spits acid afterwards.
Makes me think of being lactose intolerant though, but I'm not too worried, since eating serious amount of cheese, a drop of coffee in my morning jug of milk, and eating sour cream doesn't seem to irritate me. As much as mayo.
And the following note is especially for you, my haters: I put on weight! To places I'm not likely being able to lose it from, without making some serious effort. For quite some time I thought (Hoped.) that I'm going to be a bumpy pregnant, but no. Some point last week I realised my baggy trousers fit on my ass perfectly, my home-wear shorts are getting tighter around my thighs and also, started to grow a little chin here, the love handles still exist, and there might be a little wing thing going on too, but it's not as visible yet.
But you know what?! I have the perfect man, I have the perfect baby, I have the perfect cat, I have perfect friends and I have the perfect life. So who the hell needs a perfect body?!

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