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Sunday, 14 August 2011


Today was Louise's birthday, who got released from the hospital for the day, so finally could spend some time with all of us together, in a much nicer atmosphere.
We arrived to the in-law's about 1130am, thought we are going to be late but turned out to be pretty much the first people there. It was nice seeing Lou out finally, and also meeting with the rest of Lee's family whom I never before got to see. Damn, he's got a big ass family! All them aunts, uncles, cousins, their childhood friends and their babies... There were people everywhere, for time being there were quite some of us who couldn't even grab a seat, even though we were in the kitchen, living room and garden.
There was about an hour when I got well fed up, everyone was getting smashed while I couldn't drink, when I did have a drop I didn't like it, and didn't even hit me, there were almost everyone (Whom I don't actually know and I'm shit in this first time talking thing.) sitting inside, where Lee didn't want to be cause he couldn't chainsmoke with his JDs, and where weren't many available seats so I stuck outside... Where was way too hot an sunny, which I let alone can't stand but makes me moody and tired. Yeah that's it, my daily mood swings.
Anyways, I managed to hide inside from the heat just in time, that's when Lee's dad notified me that yes, I do want to have Alfie, since he's asleep and he can't be bothered walking around with him anymore. I told him to leave it out, cause every time I have him he starts to cry (I noticed he pretty much only does it with women for some reason?!) and I always feel well embarrassed, especially in front of Louise, I mean it's her baby.
Yeah, so I had no choice, and as it happens, he woke up when being transferred from Craig to me and started going off on one. I lied him down flat ish on the boob-pillow, which seemed to be doing it for him luckily, he looked well comfy, yumming and dribbling away cuddling the old gazoongas. Victory!

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