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Friday, 19 August 2011


I'm officially lost in boobie land. Not boobie, but bra land.
I think I've always been one of those girls who never knew their bra size for 100%, and who's wearing the wrong size in their entire lives.
Already posted about growing quite some throughout my pregnancy, apparently it doesn't stop after either, cause of the milk thing. Since the baby eats more, your system produces more milk, and it needs the space in them jugs. Great.
So it's benefit times finally, therefor time to hit up the shops and buy new bras, cause I'm already falling out of my old ones.
I Googled maternity bras, what being absolutely amateur I'd expected to be the feeding bras, right?! Well... They aren't. They are bras for after breastfeeding, to keep them on their places while you are losing the baby weight, so you're less likely to look as a 90 odd saggy nanny. I suppose anyway, cause apart from 'perfect fitting' the description doesn't really say anything.
Nursing bra it is then! But how to choose the right one, and when shall I buy it? After the baby is here or before, how much my tits going to grow in the next couple of months, how many shall I buy, oh and do I need special ones to sleep in or not?
Luckily I found this site. Very much helpful indeed!
And the size. Damn it, the bloody bra size! I've got the measurements right finally, all I have to do is to find out the cup size. Most of the sites says I'm an H cup already, which is a disaster, cause shops usually do bras only up to F and G cups. H cup in their system doesn't exist or if it does, it costs a fortune.
I'm not the kind of person who's willing to spend £30-50 for one bra, when I'll be needing at least two, but probably more. On other sites I'm somewhere between F and G cup. Uplifting news.
All I have to do now is to get my ass up to Mothercare, and pray for the G cup to fit or even be a little bit big.
Or, in fact, pop in to to Primark, try on many different sizes, find out which fits me the best, and order the right size nursing bra online. Even M&S does them a little bit cheaper, and in a nicer style than Mothercare. Hah!

According to this I'm 40F.

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