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Wednesday, 24 August 2011


When I was squatting I lived with 5 others, two couples and a fella.
We were all friends, it all went well until one of the couples started off some narrow-minded crap.
At the beginning they were not even 'a couple' just one of the many peeps from the big group; Only the guy supposed to live in this house, but they started to see each other pretty much straight after we moved in.
She had problems in her previous long term relationship; She lived with her then boyfriend, and she had to leave that place after the break up, obviously. All in all, it kind of came across like she just hooked up with this guy so she had somewhere to live too... With us.
It was over a year and a half ago, so turns out we all who thought like the above, were wrong. Good for them.
Now they are having a baby. It kind of shocks me, cause I personally haven't ever seen or known this much of an unreliable beings than them two, in my entire life!
She is in her thirties, about 5 years older than him, and is a hairdresser, one of those who has customers waiting for her at their home to get their hairs done. Now, all I remember living with her, is waking up every day around 03-04pm ish (Was working at the Elbow Room back then, usually started at 06pm.) finding her in the kitchen, sipping her morning coffee, declining her customers' calls or bullshitting about why didn't she make the 0130pm appointment. She didn't really give a damn either, was just laughing empty minded. Why surprised then, if you lose your income, and slowly pretty much everyone around you?! I don't like calling anyone stupid, especially people who used to be my mates, but she certainly is quite thick. You get my point...
He is a courier, around let's say 28, and had his pity turns with everyone in the house. Started off with being so proud of his money saving skills, while not spending a penny on food but eating everyone else's. It's not like we wouldn't share what we got, it's that he (and she) didn't even make the effort on buying their own. Thief gypsies, that's how I could describe them.
Then, after quite some time and his disgusting turns with everyone (The another -single- guy we lived with already moved out by then without words, cause he had enough of this nursery like behaviour of theirs.) he started with me, after making myself clear that I didn't care how drunk he was, I didn't want to sleep with him.
Not only he's not my type (Eeek!) but in respect for her. This must've hurt his ego cause he became an utter twat with me straight after.
That's the least really; It started to get a bit too much when he was slagging off Szabolcs, my good friend of years, who he didn't even make the effort to get to know, and when he covered my entire room (Clean bedsheets and washed clothes, just to mention...) with kitchen rubbish, just to show off who wears the trousers in the house or some shit, I reckon?! How old are we, 8?!
As much as it pissed me off (Had to do my washing again, that's it.) it made me laugh for days. No matter what, I call this stupid.
Not my loss anyway, him and her weren't the reason I moved out, I had some savings and wanted to be closer to work (Shoreditch, baby!) and since all the nearby squats started to get evicted, ours were everyone's shelter, hence it slowly turned to a gypsy camp. 20 odd people living in a 4 bedroom house isn't ideal.
Now, my point is, these people aren't seem to be able to be responsible for a little life, are they?!
I know, who am I to judge, but I clearly find them unable to raise and take care of a child, since they were unable to even take care of themselves when they lived among us, friends. Best of luck though, for the sake of that poor little soul!
I'm a realistic person, and I know of myself that I'm not the mock-up mother type either, but I did and do make the effort to look into things, and make the best out of myself, for my baby. Already feel like I've matured and grew a lot, in the past 7 months.
And if I somehow did fail or trip, I'll have Lee whom I know is going to be a perfect dad.

Our squat's livingroom

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