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Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Last weeks antenatal class sucked so much!
First of all, I only had like 4-5 hours sleep the night before, it was warm which makes me super moody, not to mention the midwife who held the class! She's the same person who held the first class and is one of those, who just drags things out for unnecessary long, and it annoyed me unbelievably much.
-'Hello, I'm Christina, I was here with yous on the first class, this is the third out of the four. Today we're going to talk about post-natal care.' simply as it is, right?! Less than 30 seconds I reckon. Instead imagine this: -'Hello, I'm Christina. Can we start? O.K. Do you want to introduce yourselves to each other? So are you fine then, since you all know the others, yes? My name is Christina and I was here with you on the first class. On the first class we were talking about the natural birth. On the second class last week I wasn't here but you met with... Who did you meet with? Oh Brenda... Yes, yes, she is very lovely. Last week you were talking about the complicated birth giving. Now this is your third class, I'm one of the midwives, my name is Christina. Who wants to tell what are we going to talk about today? No one? Now today we are going to talk about post-natal care. Anyone can tell what it is?'
Thought I'm going to smash her face 20 minutes in the class. So much useless information surrounded around the bits of important ones, it was hard to filter them properly, I don't actually have a clue what was the whole meeting about.
I remember her mentioning the baby-blues which can easily turn to depression. She was mainly talking about how a midwife should check the mother and her newborn out a couple of days after birth giving though, not much talk about why does it happen, and what are the symptoms.
The 'annoying' crying baby, and the reasons why she/he is crying so much. Either hungry, either needs to get changed, either too hot, either wants to be close to the parent, either wants to be rocked or carried, or just simply bored out of his/her brain, and wants to scream for the sake of it. Done.
An hour and a half in the class, I was so uncomfortable and pissed off at this midwife and the fact that I could get up if I wanted to, shout at her to pull herself together and walk out, just made me more angry, since I knew staying is for my own good. All my blood went to my limps, I felt my head was about to explode, and no matter how did I fidget my legs and arms went totally numb. (That's the new sign of me being annoyed by the way; Numb hands. Not sure why.)
We had a little break, when Lee suggested just to leave, but as much as I hated myself for it I decided to stay. Luckily the rest was over in like 20 minutes, so there was no blood at the end.
She said there's someone else going to hold the last class this weekend, cause she'll be away. Thanks fuck!

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