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Wednesday, 17 August 2011


While I was in the hospital, thought I'll go and get over with my blood test, since I'll be going for my monthly thyroid check up next week, and didn't want to go for the blood test on Friday, when I have to go back again for the antenatal class on Saturday (That's when the blood department is obviously closed.), three times in the hospital the same week ain't my cup of tea.
For some reason the order what's the blood for wasn't in the system, so they sent me back to the antenatal clinic, to speak with someone who can put the description in the computer. Forgot it was Wednesday, the day I keep having to go back, and is full of patients.
I managed to catch the doctor I usually see, way too quick, which made me think of I shall do the same always I'm there, instead of waiting over 2 hours each time, just to be talked about my health, having the exact same conversation every 4 weeks.
I like this doctor though, she sorted the problem straight away and had a chat with me, she at least doesn't mind making the effort and to explain things.
Told her Eyebrows said everything looks good with the baby, so if I could, I wanted to go for the home birth option. She told me it's out of her hands, I shall talk to the obstetrician next week, but she doubts they'll allow me to, since the bubba might has an overactive thyroid too, and the symptoms could kick off during the pressure of birth, which means she could start shaking and her heart could start racing outrageously. If they then failed transferring me to the hospital quick enough, she could basically have a heart attack and her little drum could stop... Sigh. We clearly don't want such things!
While in the hospital, they can monitor both me and the baby, and if anything would go wrong they can just press a button and the doctor can be there within minutes.
She also said I'm not likely to have a C section, since I'm young, and if I let the doctors know about my plans they'll be helpful, cause they like women who aren't just go with it, but have concrete ideas about their labour. She also advised me to stay home during the first period of my labour, cause that also reduces the chance of Caesarean, since I'm not stressing as much.
Not the best of news but hey, gotta go with it I guess.

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