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Tuesday, 23 August 2011


So I've been thinking of a middle name for our little girl in the past few days, since here most of the people have one.
It's tricky though, cause she's got a long name anyway using both our surnames, so it had to be a short one, also, wasn't too sure how would Lee feel about it. I didn't really mind what it is though, had Sue or Ann or something like that in mind.
Turns out Lee was thinking about a middle name too, we just didn't really bring it up for some reason. It makes me wonder what would've happen if I didn't ask him or thought about it?!
Anyways, he wanted something family related so it's going to be Jean, his nan's name who was very much loved and whom I unfortunately haven't had the luck to meet with, cause she's passed away years ago.
So that's that; Lileeva Jean Rothwell-Vatai.

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