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Wednesday, 3 August 2011


It's way too hot in London the past week or so, I want to do nothing but hide in a dark damp corner and sleep.
No motivation whatsoever.
Anyways, I finally made the effort and had a look into re-usable aka washable nappies. I asked around my friends who already have kids, they were giving me links for forums and told me what's what, but I have to admit I didn't understand a word! Made me think of school, when you had to read something, you knew it had to be understood for a deadline, but it just wasn't happening.
So instead of reading the unidentified words again and again, I did what amateurs do best; Improvise. My friend mentioned the brand, Bambino Mio which I've seen an advertisement of in one of my 'pregnancy bibles' so thought that should be it, a UK brand; Can't really go wrong with that one. So I Googled.
And finally understood how does this inside-outside washable nappy thing work. It's kind of like a period thing with women; You have the panties on and have a sanitary pad in, too. You change the pad as many times as it needed daily, but you don't change your pants each time as they don't get dirty. (Let's not talk about tampons, and what if they did get dirty.) Same with these nappies; You have a funky cover which doesn't really get dirty, and have an inside bit which needs to be changed as many times as the little one pees or poos in it, but instead of chucking them out, you just put them in the washing machine and you're done.
I'm not one of those bio persons, I don't even recycle (Hate me!) or anything, the main thing is the money. Why would I want to spend more than needed?! It's like, why would I want to go to the corner shop daily and deal with the prices and the 70p card charge, when I can go to Iceland once a month, spend a bigger amount, and know I have the fridge full for weeks!?
Bambino Mio does sets so that's what we are going to go for. We'll be buying a 'Birth to Potty' one, which includes different sizes of both sides, newborn, small, medium, large and extra large. This costs about £200 and is enough til she manages the toilet project, which is different with every child but could take up to a couple of years.
Also, with this, there won't be such issues like -'Shit, I'm almost out of nappies, it's Boxing Day and nothing's open!' or -'Bollocks, we just bought this pack and she grew out of them without using any of them.' so we literally spend on nappies once, and we don't have to worry about them anymore.
Can even keep them, so if we wanted more kids later in life (We will.) they will have nappies too. Or, if we needed to change either the in- or outsides, we are able to buy them separate (A set of insides is around £20 and an outside is £8/each) which I think is brilliant... You never know, our little girl might be having a soft spot for beetroot -like I did- and there is no chance you are able to wash that bad boy out of nappies.
We'll be having disposable ones too though, especially at the very beginning, when the little one uses a lot of nappies daily, and also as I'm not quite sure about how washable the breast milk poo either!? Also the disposable ones would come handy when we are out visiting friends, it's easier to just chuck them to the bin rather than keeping them in your bag, stinking, for hours.
All in all, I did a calculation and it turns out we'll be saving at least around £260-300 on nappies if we are going for this option.
Sha-ting! Bang tidy!
And they are cute too.

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