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Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Sure I mentioned before that this estate we're living at the moment is pure jokes! You are simply unable to sleep, and of course our sleeping pattern doesn't help either.
Literally the quietest period is between 02am and 07am. Forget to sleep after that; Parents are up, going to work, slamming the door, kids are up screaming, running about on the stairway, banging and so.
I got the point where my professional earplugs started to hurt my ears for using them constantly.
Simply can't wait for the school year to start, and for the weather to cool down so they'd just stuck in the flat with their parents, whom should really make the effort to play with them, or read them fairy tails but hey, as I said in a post earlier, these are different times here and now.
Anyways, after yesterday's pains I luckily managed to have a decent 11 hours sleep finally, was much needed! It's nice and rainy outside, so not many kids are running about, it's not too warm either and I stopped aching too. Yay! Now it's time to do some catch up.
We got more baby clothes! We got a black Puma tracksuit and a grey-pink Puma skirt with a matching T-shirt from our Swiss friend. They are proper cute!
Even though the tracksuit ain't Adidas it still reminds both of us to Jonathan Davis' trademark symbol tracksuit from KoRn, hah!

We also got lots and lots of baby grows and rompers which don't fit Alfie anymore. Would be pointless to take photos of them, cause we're talking about a massive bag of them, which I ain't so keen on taking out then fold them back in nicely. Only a few items to be washed, mainly the brand new stuff, then they go into the bag next to rest, just in case.
After all, we still have a couple of months to go, and not to forget about kitty who sheds her hair, and we don't want the grows to be covered in fur already. Give the little lady a few days before she gets it all.

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